About the Monotypes

A monotype is basically an original oil painting made on a glass or acrylic plate. Paper is laid on top of the painting and pressure is put on it by hand or roller which results in the paint being transferred to the paper.

The Plate

I start by first painting a design with a thin layer of oil paint onto a glass or plastic plate. It can be applied with any sort of tool like a brush or brayer. The paint is very thin and can also be rubbed or scraped off. The paint can be any colour as well.

Pressing the Print

Once the design is finalized on the plate a piece of paper is laid on top of the plate covering the design fully. Then the plate and paper sandwich is pressed by hand or pulled through an etching press under high pressure. This causes all the paint to transfer from the plate to the paper resulting in a single original print. Since all the paint has transferred to the paper, only one print can be made.


To make another print the plate must be cleaned and the design re-painted from the beginning. A monotype is a true one-of-a-kind piece of art, unlike other forms of printmaking like intaglio (etching) or relief (linocut, woodblock).

I use only the highest quality paints, inks, and printmaking paper such as Rives BFK, Stonehenge, Japanese Mulberry, Hosho, Kitakata, and Kozo.

Making A Monotype

A short overview of the monotype process.  This video shows my method of inking, using additive and subtractive methods. I then show a quick overview how I print the plate on the press.