Simon Shawn Andrews

For me, to paint is to give you something that I feel about nature, the figure, and the places I’ve been to and spent time in.  And I have a fascination with the human body: all the different feelings and meanings that can be conveyed are something that I never tire of.

I admire beautiful things like a big gorgeous oil painting of a landscape with all its color variations. I grew up in southern British Columbia and have fond memories of swimming at the beach and picking fruit in the neighbouring orchards. These are the sorts of things that inspire me to paint and sculpt. Now I live in white rock, BC by the beach and it constantly inspires me. There are also fabulous community gardens nearby which I love to visit. I feel blessed to live here and I want others to feel like they are with me when they see my art.

I love to sculpt the human figure, and I get a lot of inspiration from the beaches where I live. I love the freedom that kids have at the beach and how families and friends swim and play. I try to capture that energy in my art. When I draw I try to express the same sorts of things with the beauty of line and shapes. Oil pastel is like a sketched painting with pretty coloured lines.

My hope is that you will enjoy the art as much as I did in creating it.