Simon Shawn Andrews

Contemporary Spiritual Art 

It's hard to believe this used to be the norm 1000 years ago.  Today you'd be hard pressed to find anything spiritual in contemporary art.

As a Christian I believe that, like the ancient artists, there is a need for art with an essential spiritual quality that reminds, informs, and inspires us about things beyond the material or in ways that help people to see nature with new insight. 

I try to bring the intangible aspects of life into all my artwork  - things that are hard to describe but are real. Much of my inspiration comes from the themes of Byzantine art, nature, and the bible.

About the Art

I use ink in a unique sculptural way that is uncommon in printmaking. I like to make a lot of detail, fused and blended with varying motifs, all energetically applied. My prints are a tactile experience and have a certain dimensional quality that is attained in part by the tools and process of my work.

For me art creation is a multidisciplinary lifestyle where each aspect of craft influences and builds the others.  My hope is that you will enjoy my art as much as I did in creating it.