What’s a monotype?

I refer you to my page About Monotypes here.

Do monotypes have editions?

No, every monotype is unique.  They are similar to oil paintings in this respect.  Read more about monotypes here.

How are monotypes different from etchings, linocuts, woodblock, etc?

The main difference is that every monotype is an original and there are no editions because of the way monotypes are made. Click here for a detailed explanation of monotypes.

What kinds of materials do you use?

My monotypes are made using the best quality etching ink I can get my hands on – usually Gamblin inks.  For papers I use handmade French and Japanese kinds such as Rives BFK ( a fantastic 250gsm cotton rag mouldmade paper),  Japanese Mulberry 45gsm paper which is made from the bark of mulberry trees and is very thin and beautiful, Kitakata, Hosho, and many other types of fine printmaking paper.

Are your monotypes signed?

Yes, all of my art is signed, usually on the front, but sometimes on the back if the print is full bleed and there is no room on the front.



Do you offer a moneyback guarantee?

Yes, a 14-day money back guarantee on everything I sell.

What happens if I don’t like it?

Just send an email and let me know you are sending it back. Mail it in the original packaging and once I receive it I will reimburse you via credit card or paypal.


How will you ship my art?

Each art piece is well packed and protected to ensure safe arrival to it’s destination.  Smaller ones are shipped flat sandwiched in between hardboard or foam panels so they do not bend.  Larger ones are shipped rolled in a high-impact resistant tube.

Do you charge for shipping?

All my art ships for free unless I state otherwise.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, All my art is shipped world wide. A shipment takes about 4 – 12 days to arrive at your doorstep. I usually ship within 3 days of your order being placed.

Will you ship my art insured?

Yes, all my art is shipped 100% insured. If your package is lost or damaged, I will do the best I can to solve this problem. If lost or damaged during shipment, I will repair or create a new item for you, without any further cost.

Will I need to pay customs fees when I receive the shipment?

For many countries there is no duty or tax for importing fine art, but if you do have to pay customs fees when you recieve shipment then email me the receipt and I will reimburse you the cost.



My monotype is bent or folded.  How do I fix it?

Put it face down on a clean ironing board or piece of smooth cardboard.  Set your iron to ‘cotton’ and turn off steam if you can.  Then iron it like a shirt.  It won’t take much to make it flat again.  If it is being stubborn then turn on steam and do the same thing again.  Just be gentle with it and take care not to damage the face or leave the iron on it too long.  Another option is to mist the front and back of the paper with water and lay it on a clean smooth flat wood or glass surface, face down, and lay a piece of clean paper on top then place a book on top of that for a few days.

How do I store my monotype? How do I clean it?

Store it flat, facing up, covered with acid free paper.  Do not store rolled or in plastic if possible.  I recommend a good wooden drawer.  If it must be stored rolled, I suggest using the tube it came in or a wider cardboard tube which will put less stress on the print. Store the tube on it’s side.

Do not attempt to clean the print with water or chemicals.  If it gets dusty then lightly dust with a soft brush or feather duster.

Will sunlight damage my monotype?

I suggest you avoid direct sunlight because uv rays will fade monotype over time, especially if it is a coloured one. Also, avoid hanging it in very damp or humid areas like bathrooms.



Can I return the art?

Yes, I offer a 30-day money back guarantee on everything I sell.  This guarantee also extends to art bought via payment plan.

What do I have to do to return the art?

Just contact me and let me know you want to return the art.  Ship it back to me in the same box or tube it came in if you can and when I receive it I will reimburse you the full cost of the monotype. 

Framing & Mounting

Do I need to matte and mount my monotype?

No, but I highly recommend it!  I suggest taking it to a professional framer who will do a good job of the whole procedure.  Printmaking paper is very high quality and deserves the best care when being handled. Depending on the monotype you may prefer to just mount it in a floater frame and let the edges of the paper show, or you may want to matte and mount it so the edges are not visible.  Some of my monotypes are already mounted/matted/framed or otherwise ready to hang and I will indicate that in the description.

If you wish to display the monotype without matte or mount, you can hang it with small clips near the top corners.  Just take care to avoid damaging the paper.