About Simon 2

A short biography

I didn't get into traditional art until I was about 30 years old, although I had a career doing computer and conceptual art for about 10 years. My desire to make art with my hands eventually outgrew my career ambitions and in 2008 I began oil painting full-time, foregoing academic training in favour of studying impressionist, naturalist, and renaissance art on my own. I never had anyone teach me painting so I developed my own ways of doing things. I was restless as a painter and always unhappy with the painting process, especially the physical aspect. Worst of all, I was unhappy with my failure to express my vision as an artist. I was deeply affected by artists like Gauguin, Odilon Redon, Titian, Michelangelo, and Giotto.  Their themes and motifs were the sort of subjects that I wanted to explore but I was unable to explore these ideas in a way that was mine.  I was also exposed to artists like DeKooning, Krasner, and Joan Mitchell at around this time. The freedom and purity of their art was something that I was drawn to but I was unable to find my own way with oil painting and I was sinking into an 8 year long battle of pure willpower and resentment toward painting.

In early 2016 I came across a novel process of making paintings that truly inspired me. And even better, I found that I was finally able to express a personal artistic vision. Since then I have begun to learn sculpture which has enriched my art and process.   

My drawings, sculpture, and printmaking are closely related, and I find that one medium will provide inspiration for the other. Many of my themes deal with birth, death, love, sacrifice, the afterlife, biblical stories, and of course nature and the marvel of the human body. I have a keen interest in patterns and designs in embroidery, fabrics, jewelry and primitive art. Much of my work is ambiguous and almost completely abstract. I prefer to give impressions and feelings of things and to let the viewer enjoy the work rather than looking for comparisons to reality.